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Sivadevi, Director of Kalpavrikshalaya ,is an Engineering Graduate, served as a Software Engineer in various Multinational Companies before her journey in the education field . While seeking  a meaningful education system for her daughter , came across Maria Montessori Philosophy and her Pedagogy developed by keenly observing the child . This resonated with her strong belief that each child is unique and needs nurture in a fearless environment for the true nature and potential of the child to flourish. She pursued  Montessori Diploma from Indian Montessori Training Course ,Chennai and Child Psychology Diploma from Stonebridge University,UK.She worked as a teacher in a school transformation project at a Delhi Government school after completing  the post-graduate diploma in learning and teaching from “I Am A Teacher” Organisation,Gurgaon .Taking inspiration and guidance from her mother Shrimathi J.Kalaivani an able principal of an esteemed school in chennai having 25 years of experience in the field of education, founded Kalpavrikshalaya with a noble intention of creating a learning space for children to explore ,experiment and evolve .


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I am an engineering graduate in Computer technology and I worked as a software developer When I was researching about the education system for a child I found Maria Montessori method. She says education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not accurate by a listening to words but by experiences in the environment itself.Then I decided to take primary training in IMTC and I realized that any unnecessary help gives to a child is a hindrance to development and it changes my perspective of the child then I stepped into Kalpavrikshalaya Montessori School and felt it to be spiritual and I am here to facilitate  the child’s development by nurturing the inner self.

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I am an MCA graduate from Madurai Kamaraj University. Worked as a search engine analyst in an IT company and as a teacher for four in few schools at Madurai. According to me, education is a basic need of every humans’ life. Every child is unique in her/his own way. When we pay attention to their imaginations and  their creations we can help them in their development in a better way. Education is not only for gaining knowledge, it’s for life and its all about life.